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Camp Fire’s day camp is provided during the summer and spring school breaks. During those school breaks many children are left on their own to entertain themselves with little or no supervision. Crime Busters Day Camp offers children alternative activities that are coordinated in ways that are educational, stimulating and fun. Themes and six major components are the guide to our daily activity planning. Activities planned help children sharpen their survival skills to lessen chances that they would be involved in, or fall victim to crime; as well as help them to acquire knowledge.

If you would like your child to attend day camp, or would like more information on getting day camp started in your area, please contact the Camp Fire Office.

Each year nearly 200,000 youth participate in Camp Fire USA self-reliance and service-learning courses and discover an empowering sense of self-confidence and responsibility for their actions. Building self-reliance is one of Camp Fire’s principal goals and part of our mission to build “confident youth.” Through carefully targeted programs, youth learn to handle threats to their safety and security, to take care of themselves in specific situations and to provide service in their communities. Our classroom programs can introduce parents and schools to the benefits of Camp Fire programs. The self-reliance courses offer a sampling of the life skills taught in small group experiences.

I’m Safe and Sure
I’m Safe and Sure teaches kindergartners and first-graders self-help skills, home and personal safety and family responsibility. It helps them recognize and avoid potentially harmful situations and develop good citizenship skills.

Count On Me Kids
Count On Me Kids is an alcohol and drug prevention course for youth in kindergarten through second grade. Activities geared for young children motivate them to take responsibility for their own healthy lifestyles. The course builds self-reliance skills that help young children develop positive self-images.

I Can Do It!
I Can Do It! teaches second- and third-graders the importance of eating and selecting nutritious food, how to handle unsafe situations away from home, and fire, bicycle and weather safety. Children also explore and practice techniques to communicate effectively to handle conflict.

I’m Peer-Proof
I’m Peer-Proof offers hands-on activities that teach third-, fourth- and fifth-graders skills to act more assertively and maintain positive friendships while resisting negative peer pressure. This program can help reduce issues of violence facing today’s youth.

I’m Taking Care
I’m Taking Care teaches good baby-sitting skills to fifth- and sixth-graders. Through a combination of mini-lectures, demonstrations and hands-on experiences, baby-sitters learn basic care skills, safety measures, ways of playing with children and job ethics.

If you would like to join one of these programs, or would like more information on getting a program started in your area, please contact the Camp Fire Office.

Service Learning

A Gift of Giving
A Gift of Giving, a service-learning program created by Camp Fire USA, teaches youth bout community service through hands-on experiences. A Gift of Giving personalizes remote problems and makes them real. It bridges the gap between giver and receiver so that youth feel direct relationships to people they help.

For kindergarten through middle-school children, the program is flexible, and sessions vary in length depending on the ages of the children and the types of projects children choose. Teams of volunteers are recruited and trained to implement the program in schools and other program sites.

Teens in Action
A complete curriculum program designed to teach leadership skills and community service, Teens in Action focuses on the service-learning process. Along the way, teens participate in group challenges and individual quests.

If you would like more information on Camp Fire USA’s A Gift of Giving program, please contact the Camp Fire Office.